Monday, January 31, 2011

In The Beginning...

Everything has to start somewhere and this is where I begin.  I've done blogging before but no one seemed to read it so it was more of a journal than a blog.  I have a feeling this one will be the same, but I don't really mind.  I am putting my life out there for anyone who cares to read about it.  I am as of today 23 years old.  I am dating a wonderful man named Travis and we have a bright future ahead of us.  I am enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College and I am going to try and achieve my associates in Philosophy.  After I achieve that I want to go back for my degree in History with a minor in Archeology and MesoAmerican cultures.  I have high hopes for myself and I pray that this blog keeps me sane through out my journeys.

Life right now is amazing. I honestly couldn't, and wouldn't, ask for a better one.  I have a family who loves me and would do anything for me and a boyfriend who is just amazing in every way.  I pray that this year goes better than the last.  In 2010 I got a divorce to a man that I had been married to for 3 years, but together for a total of 5.  It is definitely an interesting journey because I never thought it would end.  Yea we had our problems, but there was no way of fixing the ones that hurt us both to the point that we hated each other.  He and I are now divorced and friends.  There will be nothing more between him and I ever again, especially since I've found Travis. I am ecstatic to talk about him because I truly believe this man will be with me through much more than what my ex was. 

School just started a few weeks ago, so I can't really say yay or nay on it's progress.  Right now everything seems to be going awesome, but that can all change in a heart beat.  Until I really crack down and see that the homework isn't that bad then I will be able to assess the class situations.  This year will be different!

Another thing that I think is awesome about myself is that I want to lose weight.  The past few years has been me being a broken record saying that I'm going to lose it but I haven't yet.  I will use this as a bit of a progress checker saying randomly here or there how I'm doing.  My 2011 goal for weight loss is to lose 80 lbs.  That's a decent amount of weight for the year, but as long as I lose 8 lbs a month then I'll lose the 80 in 10 months.  I think that it's a good way to start off. 

Until I find more to write I bid you farewell!  Homework is beaconing  my name and telling me if I don't do it I'll be in trouble! 

Forever is never enough-